Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Circle

Last week, one of the things that we focused on in Math was the Circle. I decided to make it fun for the kids and introduce it and teach it in a way I don't normally do.


We started off reading this one to get an idea of how important and unique the circle is. (As well as introducing some of the vocabulary terms in a fun way :)

After reading, we did a few SMART Board lessons (love the SMART Exchange site!!), and started a notebook entry. (which we didn't finish)

The next day, we did a little more with the circle, starting off with:
Again, a cute way to talk about the circle and its properties.

We then finished our Notebook entry:

The kids loved this different type Math lesson...starting off with stories to introduce the topic.

After we finished with the circle, I had them take a test...but I let them use their notebooks to help. Most of the kids did...but a few didn't-which frustrates me when they don't use their resources (and they got a note on their test...to let their parents know).

So far, my vacation is going well-although we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow...sigh.

Smiles and Sunshine,

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