Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Fun

Happy Valentines Day! (and 100th Day...but we didn't really focus on that).

We had some fun this afternoon we our Valentine learning and party.

Somehow, Valentine's Day crept up on me and I wasn't as prepared (read-didn't have white bags to decorate a week before hand). So I was strolling along blogland and found this cute post by Amber about her Valentine Pouch Monsters.

Lightbulb! I asked the kids what they wanted to do, either make Pouch Monsters, or decorate white bags. (I told them it was a very serious question, and they needed to think about it :) We voted....and Monsters!

I made an example to show them (and because it was fun!), and the only guideline I gave them was how to fold the pouch, and that they needed to have their name on the top. They LOVED it...and it didn't cost me a thing!

In the afternoon, we did Conversation Heart Math Activity that I got from Diane at Fifth in the Middle. The kids had a blast! It was just the right level for them, and they worked (for the most part) really well in their groups. I love my class :)

Hope y'all had a wonderful day as well!

Last night we had our 4th (and 2nd) grade concert. The kids did a super job with it, and it took less than an hour. (the best part!)

Yesterday's Outfit

Sweater: Kohls
Shirt: NY & Co
Tank: Old Navy
Pants: JCPenny
Shoes: DSW

Valentine Outfit

Sweater: Maurices
Pants: Kohls
Shoes: Endless/Amazon

In other news, I got my car back!! It only took 2 1/2 weeks (a really long time in my opinion). Makes me happy!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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