Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Triangles & Lines

We continue on our geometry exploration with vocab this time focusing on triangles (Monday), lines (Tuesday) and coordinate grids (today).

We make foldables for Monday and Tuesday, and today we did a couple of SMART Board lessons from SMART Exchange (which is an awesome FREE site that has SMART Board lessons for everything!). The kids love it when we work with the SMART Board (which, really, we do calendar is on the SMART Board).

Monday we talked about triangles, and the different names they could have...they hadn't heard/known about some of them, so I'm glad I took the time to sit down and do this with them.

After we did the foldable, they did a worksheet to assess their knowledge.

Tuesday, we talked about lines. I think they were surprised at how much information there was! We did two smaller foldables for this break it up a little :)

They had a double-sided worksheet with vocab on one side and drawing sets of lines on the other. I haven't 'officially' graded these yet, but from glancing at them, they look like they understood the concept (yay!) and did much better than my kids did last year.

Tomorrow we tackle tessellations - we'll see how creative they can be!

Today's Outfit

Sweater, Pants & Jeans: JCPenny
Blue/Navy Shoes: DSW
Black Glittery Shoes: Amazon

I went out to dinner tonight with my teacher friend (for much needed support/venting/discussion), so I took the opportunity to throw on a pair of jeans before I went out.

There are two major snowstorms headed our way, and weather peoples say they will meld into one bigger storm, so we may have a Nor'Easter on our hands! It's looking like a Snow Day on Friday, so I'll make sure that I bring home my 'teacher homework' which is piling up again. Here's Hoping!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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