Saturday, September 21, 2013


One of my most very favorite things to teach kids is poetry. I love teaching it because it is so fun and creative.

AND, everyone can do it!

You don't need to worry about sentence structure or being Edit COPS or where you are going to split the paragraph.

Plus, students who struggle with 'traditional' writing often find themselves enjoying and being good at poetry because there are not a lot of rules-and you can pretty much make up your own rules.

So on Friday, I introduced my friends to poetry!

First, we reviewed the Acrostic Poem. I told them that they learned this is 1st or 2nd grade (they all agreed), and while it was a good form of poetry, we were going to learn much cooler and more interesting ways to be poets.

We were going to learn about Cinquains!

I told them that these were interesting poems, but fairly easy because there were only five lines :)

I first demonstrated what a cinquain would look like. I explained the format, and had them help me think of some words to fill it it in.
We voted on some of the choices, and then I read it through.

After I demonstrated, I told them that they would write one (with me writing :)

First, we brainstormed a bunch of ideas about our topic, one of the favorite things...Summer!
They had so many ideas! I was writing so fast-so it is sloppier than usual.

We took our ideas and put them into our cinquain format!
Then, I set them loose to do their own!

They had to do rough drafts and get them approved before I gave them a final draft.
They came out so well!

We did an Author Share, and they  did a wonderful job!

Here are some of my favorites!
This friend...oh my word! This friend has not yet been able to start any independent work without an adult and doesn't like writing. Yet today, the friend got right to work and did the whole thing alone! I was only asked how to spell 'ocean' and away it went! (This friend is also the behavior challenge, and did such a great job today and with this!!!!)

Very original and unique!

This was the only friend that shook their head when I said everyone loves summer...this is a winter lover!

A friend after my own heart :)

I think my fun writing on charts and font love is rubbing off ;)
I literally whipped up this organizer in the 7 minutes before recess was over-I wanted something simple, but had lines to show what the separate word, and small so it can be easily displayed. Thanks to Lovin Lit for the frame!

Monday's Outfit

Shirt: Maurices
Pants: JCP
Shoes: Target

Tuesday's Outfit

Top/Pants: LOFT Outlet
Sweater: Maurices
Shoes: DSW

Wednesday's Outfit:

Sweater/Top: NY & Co
Tank: Old Navy
Pants: JCP
Shoes: DSW

I'm sparking student motivation in writing! How do you motivate? What's your favorite type of writing to teach?

Have a great Saturday!

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. I love poetry as well. I am always amazed by what the students come up with!

    Have a great weekend!

    Fit to be Fourth
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  2. I am not a poetry lover, but I could definitely see using this in my classroom with my students. Thank you so much for sharing! Your outfits are super cute.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. You are absolutely correct Kaitlyn about everyone being able to write poetry! I never start poetry until after our big writing test (narrative or expository), but maybe I should incorporate a little here and there to break it up and show them writing in a fun easy format!
    **My favorite cinquain is the mall one of course! :O)
    Thanks for sharing and linking up!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. I LOVE that you post your outfits! Too cute!
    Grade 4 Buzz


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