Friday, September 20, 2013

Guided Reading Tools

Happy Friday!

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I talked about my traveling reading kit here, but since I'm no longer traveling, I have a different set of tools for 'home'!

First, the most important thing that I use and the kids use...


We use all different sizes and colors. They help us find information, track out thinking, make notes, etc.

I use the cute, multicolored post-it cube to record my observations on this sheet:

which sits behind the lesson plan for the book:
in my Guided Reading Binder!

which you can read more about here and here.

We also have trackers for the friends that need it (so far, hardly any!)
As well as a whiteboard and Expo markers available for teaching!

This is actually where I store most of my Literacy things...ignore the mess on the bottom! :)
For comprehension and responses, I use Jen Runde's Comprehension Fans
and Joanne Miller's Reading Response Menus
They are too cute! I actually had the mini file folders (because they were cute!), but she includes a template for you to use!
I also use a variety of graphic organizers, some self-made, some free and purchased. It just depends on what we need and our focus!

(Jivey, Joanne, MissK, and Kelly ) all have wonderful ones that I've used and purchased.

Of course, the most important things to have is the books!

We are lucky enough to have a set that came with our reading series.

But I've also stashed away a few sets of chapter books as well! ;)
What things to you use for Guided Reading?

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  1. yes! Post it notes, HOW did I forget to add those into my post! Thank you for linking up!

  2. Your lesson plan page is so cute! My kids just think they are in heaven when they get a sticky nite or two to write on. It's too funny to me. Sara


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