Friday, October 3, 2014

Five for Friday


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My SMARTBoard was finally fixed!!!!! :D
This is the SMART Board in the computer lab-I wanted to start a writing activity before mine was fixed-although this picture has been up on my board as well :)
It only took 5 months, some emails back and forth, and a new projector (that's crooked on the screen-but I'll take what I can get!)

My teaching life is SO much easier now-and more interactive! I heart my SMARTBoard :)

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We are using the picture above, and our paragraph chart to write a story about it!
Stay tuned for how I introduced it-I want some student work examples to go along, so it may be a little bit-but they had a lot of fun with the introduction!
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The Book Box came!
I held a raffle for the books I had ordered (a la Book Whisperer)-the kids ate it up! I'll definitely do it again. :)

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I've been working on a painting at home-it's going to be one of four (for the 4 seasons).
This will be either spring or summer (or fall!)-I want to paint the others before I decide. One will have a gray background (winter), one a blue and the last a pinky-plum color.

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So I'm thinking of getting a tablet-but I need some help! What do I choose?

Galaxy or Ipad? (or something else?)

Regular size or Mini?

How many GBs? (I'm thinking 32, if possible)

Suggestions, comments, and opinions, please!

Have a great Friday!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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