Friday, October 31, 2014

Five for Friday

Happy Halloween!


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We did Multiplication Monsters last week with a sub :)
They turned out so cute!
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Our Mentor Sentence book is I Need My Monster, which we have been doing some cool visualizing with.
I love this book-you should definitely get it if you don't have it!
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We did Diane's Candy Corn Math-they worked so well together! (And were super disappointed when I said I didn't have enough for them to eat-made for a little bit of a happier teacher-no off the wall bouncing!)

Funnily enough, when I put the totals on the board, I was pleasantly surprise...
I don't think I could have planned that better! I just grabbed handfuls and put them into bags-how cool is that! :)

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We'll be starting our Rocks and Minerals lessons soon. We have someone come in from a local naturalist center to teach it.

To start it off, we talk about cookies! I had the kids make a list of ingredients that you find in a chocolate chip cookie.

Then we came together and we shared our ingredients.
We talked about how you can't see all the ingredients in the cookie. I explained that cookies are like rocks, and you can't see all the ingredients in them. So if the cookie is the rock, the ingredients are the minerals!

They'll be learned a lot more about minerals and how to classify them and study them. This was a good intro to a really fun set of lessons!

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I need some advice! I'm working on my seasonal tree series, and I need some opinions of which set to go with.

Set One-
or Set Two-?
I *think* I have a preference, but would like some double-checking! Thank you!

Have a scary one!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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