Friday, October 10, 2014

Making Inferences with Pixar Shorts

Happy Friday!

We've been having a great time the past two days in reading-using Pixar Shorts to help us!

I introduced our newest skill-making inferences, which is always a tricky one for kids to do and explain.

I busted out an old chart, and made some additions to it.
I then told them we were going to watch a video and make inferences while we were watching it.

We did "For the Birds"

I stopped in about 4 different places to ask a question, and had the students write down their answer on paper (explaining how they knew, of course!)

They did a pretty decent job!

I sent them to practice with some inference task cards from Teaching With a Mountain View (seriously awesome task cards here!)
We started with the red set, which has guiding questions on them.

Today, we did it again with a different movie.

First, I modeled how to write a response using evidence by showing "For the Birds", so the kids knew what I was looking for in their responses (something I noticed after the first day!).

This time, we watched "Partly Cloudy"

This was a cute one too-and they did  better!

We practiced with the blue task cards-no questions, but same passages/pictures.
We're going to play inference scoot on Tuesday to practice some more.

Hopefully, using these fun tricks helps the students realize they make inferences everyday, and easier to explain it.

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Can you please give some examples of the questions you asked when you paused the "For The Birds" short? I'd like to do this lesson with my students in the next couple of days. Thank you! My email is:

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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