Thursday, October 9, 2014

Writing off of Pictures

We have finally started actually writing stories! It only took a month to set everything up. :)

For our first trimester, we are focusing on narratives. The easiest way (I thought), to work on an imaginary narrative was to start with a picture.

After we finished discussing paragraphs, and how to write them, when to change them, etc. we were ready to start.
An updated paragraph chart-with my famous hamburger (miniaturized!) I love seeing it pop up on Pinterest!
I started the process by using a strategy call "I See, I Think, I Wonder" from Making Thinking Visible (seriously, go check out this book!).

I popped a picture up on the SMART Board, and had the students write down all the things that they saw in the picture. I gave them about 5 minutes to do this-I wanted them to notice all the little details.
After a few minutes, I had them turn and talk with a partner. The partners then shared different things that they noticed.

I then asked them what they thought was going on the in the picture-based only one what they could see! They had about 5 minutes to write it down, and then we did another turn, talk and share.

They had some interesting things to share! I loved hearing what they thought, and of course, I asked one of my favorite questions-Why do you think so? :)

After we had shared our thinks, I asked them what they wondered about the picture. They made a list of things they wondered, and then we shared. They wondered some pretty awesome things!

After they shared their wonders, I told them that they were going to write a story about the picture-and it had to answer their wonders!

I felt that this gave them a good place to start, as well as a direction to go in.

They took took this like ducks to water-I've never seen kids write so much in a short period and with such concentration!

After a few days of writing, we went over some editing symbols, as well as what to look for when editing.
I'm having them self-edit their writing when they are done and turn it in. It's not going to be a graded piece, but a piece for them to see how far they've come by the end of the year.

They're pretty interesting!

Next on our list is brainstorm ideas, small moments, and writing an interesting lead. 

Smiles and Sunshine,

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