Thursday, July 2, 2015

Classroom Improvements

I'm linking up with Lucky Little Learners and  Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd for Classroom Improvements.

I'm going to focus on some teacher improvements, or things I want to change for next year.

This first one isn't something I want to change, but more of a reminder for myself!
Sooooo, there are a lot of changes coming this year-and not just from our government and politicians!

We have a new principal in my building. A new behavior specialist in my building. A new superintendent in the district. (Hopefully) a new Curriculum Coordinator. A new HR person. Oh and we're completely changing the evaluation system in the state and 4th grade has the biggest class it's had in awhile.

So I need to remember to take it as it comes! :)

Next is

I've been reading Learn Like A Pirate with The Primary Gal (my posts are here), and I'm loving the book!

I hoping that I can implement some of the things to have a smoother run classroom, and my students are taking more responsibility for themselves and their learning.

Which leads me into my next goal
I used data notebooks a very little two years ago, and a little more this year (The first year we just graphed our spelling pre and post tests, and last year I {attempted} to use Jenifer Findley's Delicious Data Tracking)

I really want to focus on grit and perseverance this year, as well as making the students more responsible for their learning. I think setting biweekly goals (as in once every two weeks) is manageable and will help them be more responsible. Plus, they'll track it in their data notebooks :)

And last, but certainly not least
The way I'm doing it now is just not working for me. I feel that I'm not reaching every learner, and I could be doing such a better job.

I've been inspired by The Primary Gal, and how she does her math block, so I'm hoping to do some similar things.

First, I'm hoping to semi-flip it (contingent on me getting the tech I need!).

Ideally, it would look something like this!

~Calendar/Snack (we do both at the same time-they can eat and think simultaneously!) (And I spelled that right on the first try! Woot!)
~Entrance Slip based on today's lesson
     *Students then get sorted into groups based on response
              -Highs go watch a video, Middles/Lows get small group instruction-Middles go for practice and Lows then get reteach
       *Practice Pages
       *Game/Task Cards of some sort
       *Math Journals
~Exit Slip-to see who needs reteaching

^^That's still a work in progress-I need to think about it some more (and find out when we're teaching math-there's been some talk of switching around our schedule!))

I did a Math Workshop/Guided Math a few year ago and I LOVED it-I was meeting their needs so much better, and I felt they were more engaged.

Enter pilot year of programs and new program.

So that changed it up quick!

I still have about a month and half left (although summer school will take up that month!), to refine some things, but I think I'm heading in the right direction!

How will you improve for next year?

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Wow! You have a TON of changes going on for next year. I wish you the best of luck. Change can be uncomfortable, I know. We got a new Head of School last year and the beginning was a bit rough just because of so many changes so quickly, but we were in the groove be mid-year. In reflecting on all the change throughout the year, it really was all very beneficial to the students, the teachers, and the school. One thing I learned going through this "uncomfortable" time is to stay away from the negative talk. There are some who get stuck in the negativity and really can't be bothered to see anything positive. I found it was making me negative and unhappy. When I distanced myself from that co-worker and the negativity, my outlook changed dramatically. I, too, am reflecting on what worked well, what didn't, and trying to figure out how to make things better. Good luck with all you're doing!
    Are We There Yet?

  2. You go lady! Those are some awesome goals and you have a lot of change going on next year. I'm also looking at revamping my math block but I haven't thought it out as much as you. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. I love your ideas. I think I need to get in on this linky party.
    Faith Filled Teaching


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