Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In My File Cabinet

The last few weeks of school, there were a couple of night events that I needed to go to.

Since I live a little more than a half-hour away, I always stay at school to get some work done.

One of my goals was to clean out my filing cabinet and reorganize it!

And although I'm not a big filing cabinet fan (I more of a binder girl {or a piler-depending on what it is}).

The first thing I did was to go through and recycle anything I hadn't used or was outdated.

That freed up A LOT of space!

In my filing cabinet, I have four drawers. Some stuff was squeezed into one, and with the amount of space I cleared, I was able to neaten it up a bit.

In the first drawer, I have all my seasonal things {by month}.
I bought those poly envelopes from Staples quite a few years ago-although they probably still have them!

Let's take a little closer look...

I have books that I read during that month
perseverance and rules books
As well as any signs/special things I'll need
for open house
In my second drawer, I have the student files that I add to throughout the year.
I usually put assessments, reflections, work examples, etc.

I also use this drawer to store VIP papers-old PD things, as well as info about our new eval system.

In the third drawer, I have picture books!
These are season specific books, manners and rules books, and any other books I thought I could use but didn't fit into on of the categories I had on my shelves.

The fourth drawer is empty! I'm not the hugest filing cabinet fan, so I try to store as little as possible in it.

Plus, drawer 4 is on the bottom, and even though I'm short, I don't really like bending over (I tend to kneel or sit on the floor when working with kids-but pulling stuff from a filing cabinet requires bending over! ;)

What do you have in your filing cabinets?

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Hooray for organization!! I bet it feels so good to have files all in order. :)


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