Thursday, July 16, 2015

Learn Like A Pirate~Chapter 7

It's week 7 of the  Learn Like a Pirate book study with The Primary Gal!

Chapter 7 is about 21st Century Skills.
When I first saw the chapter title, I thought it would be all about technology and how we can use it.

Boy, was I wrong!

It's actually all about the social skills and character traits that students will need to succeed.

Paul has studied Partnership for 21st Century Learning, as well as Habits of Mind, mixed in his own experience, and blended it all together to create what he wants his students to practice and make their own.

This chapter was chock full of neat information-if you haven't bought the book yet, you really should. There's so much more there!

But for now, while you're waiting for your book to be delivered ;), these are the skills Paul focuses on in his classroom.

That's a lot of skills!

Paul also talks about the importance of reflection in this chapter, and how important it is for both teachers and students. 

We know as teachers how important it is for use to reflect-especially on our lessons-what went well, what didn't, how could we make it better, what things need to change, etc.

But it's also important to teach the students to reflect as well-it helps them be more aware as learners, as well as helping them make constant improvements to themselves.

Paul also does whole-class & individual goals and reflections-he uses his ePortfolios for this. 
He teaches his students to reflect using four easy (well, not easy!) steps.

1. Describe what happened {What did you do?}
2. Use one (or more) of these to focus on- Strengths/Weaknesses, Success/Setbacks, Hard/Easy {Leads the learner to look inward and really think about what happened}
3. What have you learned from this?
4. How has your learning improved?  How can you extend your learning past what's expected?

Using his students reflections, and his observations & feedback, he and the students put together a progress report to show their improvements-and to keep them accountable for these skills-since they're so important in life!
If you're curious about goal setting with your students 3rd Grade Thoughts has some great blog posts on the process.

This was a great, informative chapter! {This chapter also has some great info on how he runs his math block as well-like I said, you need to buy the book!} I'm excited to start some of these things in my class-we're going to take small steps. :)

I'll definitely be doing some goal setting next year (I'm thinking bimonthly goals, as well as a trimester goal), and we'll definitely be working on team work and collaboration.

What skills will you do with your students?

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Kaitlyn, thanks so much for these great posters. Definitely will print and use! I'm reading and blogging, too, @ SOARing Teacher.
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