Monday, August 31, 2015

5 Fun Facts

Whew! I manage to survive the first two days of school (as well as 3 days of meetings!)-although I slept a great deal this weekend!

I'm excited for Blog Hoppin's Teacher week, so today we're talking about me! :)


I am a voracious reader-I hit 1,000 books on my Kindle this month! (And I've reread 98% of those multiple times!)

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I also dabble in lots of different crafts-it helps me relax! I've been known to make my own jewelry, scrapbook, make cards, paint and crochet!

#3 I JUST got an iPad this year-and I still don't have a smart phone (my kids call it a 'dumb' phone)-although my flip phone has been acting up, so I may be getting a smart phone soon!  (I have a prepaid plan, since I don't use it all that much. I'll need to re-up my 'year' soon, so I figure that's a good time to switch phones! :)

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#4 I'm still considered a 'beginning educator' by my state - after 8 years!

 There is a reasonable explanation :)

First, it took me a few years to find a 'full-time, permanent (public school) position'.

 I did a lot of other things in education, like subbing, long-term/continuing subbing, para position, K teacher at a preschool-but the state doesn't 'count' those as professional experience.

Next, the state changed the law a few years after I got out of college-from requiring 3 years of 'experience' to FIVE years of experience before becoming an experienced educator.

So, I'm going into my 9th year of teaching, and 15 years of working with kids-and I'm 'beginning'. (Which means I can't take a student teacher).

BUT! After my next re-certification (at the end of this school year), I'll have those 5 years in public school as a full-time, permanent position, and should get an experienced educator certificate. :)


I heart me some sci-fi! From TV shows (like Star Trek (Voyager is my fav!), Warehouse 13 and Doctor Who) to romance novels (I go from shifter, to paranormal (with magic, physics, and more), to futuristic), I love the possibilities and the differences of it-since my life is pretty mundane! I can get lost in the worlds that others have created :)

I hope you enjoyed those 5 fun facts about me!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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