Friday, August 21, 2015

Five for Friday ~ Classroom Sneak Peek

Happy Friday!

My classroom is mostly done-I went in last week to set it up. The last I was in, my shelves weren't fixed yet, so I set it up as much as I could.

I thought I would show you some areas that are done (basically everything, except for half of my shelves) as a sneak peek!
Divider 1
This is one part of my shelves that are fine! I organized a little more, and was able to clear a spot for a display!
I've featured some of my favorite books, and will switch them out during the year. I'll also be displaying the Mentor Sentence book of the week here, as well as any crochet critters, or cute things I find.

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My library!
I've moved some of the books from the long shelves over to this part of the library, to free up a little more space for their book bins-they don't fit quite as well one the shelves. :)

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My small group area! I hope one day to get two (or three) trapezoid tables, so I can better reach all the kids, but we work it with the rectangle table.

Divider 4
My writing table/grade display/mathematical practice posters (although I tried to word them for every practice!)
Underneath the grade display, I hope to put examples of what each looks like for different things, so students have an example, as well as something to strive for and compare their work to.

Divider 5

Lastly, I got rid of my clip chart (more on that through the year!), and on my filing cabinet, I made a reading graffiti wall!
I put up two quotes two get them started (one from Wonder and one from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone).

Yes, I called it Harry Potter 1. I wasn't about to write our Sorcerer's Stone lying on the floor at an awkward angle!
We start next week! I'm excited to meet my class! (Not as excited to wake up to an alarm again! :)

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Your library looks great! Did you use bins and shoe racks? How do you plan on using the reading graffiti wall - will student write quotes they like from a book they are reading? Good luck with your first day and have a great school year!

    Take Me To Third Grade

  2. I like the graffiti wall! I just bought some markers that can be used on windows and I may use them for this purpose!


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