Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Made It

Happy Monday!

I finished my quick checks!
I've since been working on the entrance and exit slips, but they're taking a long time-I only have three (out of 15) chapters fully done.

 I was inspired by Kelli at Tales of a Tenacious Teacher to redo my grading posters, but with a sea twist!
I did organize the sea animals by the depth levels where they live, as we keep going deeper into our learning ; ) (I do know that whales dive deep, but they have to come up to the surface to breathe).

I plan on doing examples of each level with the kids on what it looks like, and posting them next to it.

I also typed up the Mathematical Practice standards in a kid friendly way. I tried to word them so that they wouldn't only apply to the math, but to everything.
We also have two other new teachers in our building, and I felt a little guilty making a welcome basket for our new upper grades teacher and not the others-so I made a smaller welcome gift!

I hope they enjoy it!

Have a wonderful week!

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Love your little welcome baskets. Great idea. Thanks for posting. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. The gifts are awesome and I know will be appreciated! So cute!
    Come see me at P.J. Jots!

  3. Love the idea of the Sea grading!!! Now you have my brain thinking about how I could do some Rockstar ones!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Oh I love how you changed up your rubric... the sea animal and their depths is an awesome idea!!! I also absolutely love your mathematical practices posters... you've got my wheels spinning. I should also do a little somethin' somethin' for my teammates. Your little gifts turned out perfect!

  5. Your mathematical practices posters are adorable and it is super smart to word them to apply to all content areas. Will you be adding them to your store. I checked and couldn't find them. Thanks!

  6. You've been SUPER busy! Everything looks great.
    Are We There Yet?

  7. LOVE the welcome baskets! Super cute idea :)


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