Friday, October 19, 2012

Editing & Publishing

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I'm writing today from a hospital waiting room, as my mom is having knee surgery today. I took a personal/sick day, and my kids are going on a field trip to the State House to learn about our State Government and possibly meet our governor.

Yesterday we talked about editing our writing, and what the difference was between editing and revising. (Go here for an awesome post about it from Stephanie at 3rd Grade Thoughts). We also talked about the number of edits that their writing piece is going to go through.

The first edit, a self-edit, is going to be done in a green pen. The students will go through their work, looking to make sure that they have capitalized words, used correct punctuation, check the spelling, and making sure their sentences sound right (instead of 'She done gone to the store' - turning into 'She went to the store').

The second edit, a peer-edit, is going to be done in blue pen. The friends are going to look for the same things. This way, I know for sure that the students are having their pieces looked over twice.

After the second edit, they are going to look over their writing, and revise anything based on the suggestions of their friend, and their own thoughts.

The third edit, is a teacher-edit, (conference), and will be done in a black pen. That way, they know my suggestions trump any others, and I'm hoping to conference with them and make suggestions on their writing.

I'm hoping this will teach them that every time they edit or revise their work, they don't have to rewrite it every time. They can work over their first draft, and not have to rewrite until they are ready to publish on a nice piece of paper.

I also reminded them that we are not going to be publishing every piece. That way, I should only be editing almost published pieces, and will look over their other pieces during a conference (hopefully!).

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