Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leads, Theme and Symbols

Hi Bloggy Buds!

This week was a 4 day week for us, and I have tomorrow off :) Now, don't be jealous, because I am working on Monday.  Our union got us this Friday off because the NEA is having a big conference, and we are 'encouraged' to go, so they give us the time off. However, I don't know anyone that's going :).

We have learned lots this week in 4th grade, and have started prepping for the NECAP (our state assessment-they're tested on the skills from 3rd grade...I know, it's weird, but it should change soon).

We learned about Writing Leads. I read some examples from my mentor text library (hey! I should show you! Next week maybe ;), and had the kids tell me how the story was introduced. They seemed to like it, and we also came up with examples to show the lead. I color coded it to make it easier for them to find each one.
In Reading we talked about Determining Importance, and we discussed Theme as well. They seemed to do okay with this, and I know we'll be spiraling back around it as well.
We also finished up learning about our state symbols. We had made a mobile made with the different symbols, and I decided to have them do a foldable as well. They had to write the name of the symbol, and draw a picture of it as well. They seemed to like this, and it went pretty quickly...much more quicker than having them take more than a week to do the mobile!!

For today's outfit, this was the one that I had originally planned for that day we wound up not having school. I was actually pretty warm today (our upstairs, where my room is, is flipping hot!), but if I had a classroom downstairs, I think I would have been fine.

Original Outfit:                                    
Today's Outfit
     Sweater: NY & Co
White Tank: Old Navy
Grey Tank & Shoes: Target
Pants: Kohls

So, tomorrow I plan to sleep late (Woohooo!), and go and visit my parents. I'm also hoping to stop by some stores that I don't have near me to get some things. I'll keep you updated :)

Smiles and Sunshine,

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