Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Math Workshop

Well I did it! I jumped into Math Workshop today with both feet. I introduced it to the kids, and they seemed really excited about switching...and then we had a fire drill (which took a really long time to account for everyone for some reason), so things were a little confusing at first.

The way I decided to do it was to have 3 groups/centers. I will be teaching the 'whole class' lesson 3 times, and varying the skills for the groups (for example, today we were trying to figure out hotel rates for the week, and with one group I did just addition, one group did addition and multiplication and one group just did multiplication).

I had a Math Center from Dana at 3rd Grade Gridiron (I actually bought her 3rd Grade Math Center Packet, along with some others :), which was one center, and the other center was independent work in their Math Workbooks.

Sooo, because it was our first time doing this and we just jumped in (and because of the fire drill) it took us over an hour and a half to do math today. Social Studies disappeared today ; ). I'm hoping to eventually get each group lesson down to 15-20 minutes, and I'm sure we'll get better with practice.

Best of all, my principal wandered in (he does quick walk-throughs almost every day). He looked around, saw me with a group of kids, some working independently at their seats, and some working together in partners, and it looks like he smiled! :) I hope this was a good impression.

We also kind of decided as a grade not to switch (it's still kind of tabled and we are discussing it, but my impression of our PLC Meeting was that we are not switching classes), although be may be switching our schedule around. We'll talk about it more at our next PLC Meeting.

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