Monday, October 29, 2012

Literacy Rotations

So Sandy is coming closer, and although she isn't supposed to officially 'land' up here until later tonight, there have been some mighty strong winds and rain coming done for most of the day. Fortunately (knock on wood), I have power and everything. And there was no school today...who knows about tomorrow!

Recently, I've switched the way we do our literacy rotations. I asked the kids what they thought, and they wanted to give it a try without the bookmarks that I made.
I found the kids were staying too long at one station with these, and thought we would give it a try without, making sure the kids knew that all three centers needed to be completed.

So far, it's been working great! I feel like they are a little more engaged, getting to pick the order that they do things in. I'm still thinking about the accountability factor, wanting them to complete some sort of self-reflection or something (especially on days when there aren't any turn in papers).

I have managed to find some time to update Reader's Notebooks (first time since early September!). Like the Math Notebooks, these are a work in progress until I figure out exactly what I want to do.

We've updated them with some new things we've learned...Marking Inferences and the 4 types of sentences. They seem to really enjoy foldables (which is good, 'cause I use them a lot!)

Hope that Sandy is treating the rest of my East Coasters okay!

Smiles and Sunshine (though a little wet),

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