Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Changing Importance

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I'm writing this on yet another snow day (this makes #6 for inclement weather days!!). We did this activity on Friday, and once again, my kids were awesome and seemed to enjoy it immensely.

We are currently working on Determining Importance-Purpose (how having a purpose for reading can easily help us figure out the important information).

I started off with this really cool activity I found at Mrs. Allen's 5th Grade Files (which I can't link to because it's disappeared!! :( ).

She (I) had the kids read the passage called The House (click on the first one to get a lesson plan and the passage).

Then, we (together) looked for information that would be important if we were buying the house (highlighted in yellow below).

I told the kids that we would be changing our purpose for reading. This time, I wanted them to read the passage in their groups, and look for information that would be important if they were robbing the house.

Cue shocked gasps, WHAT?!s and Cool!!.  :)

I gave them about 5-7 minutes to look for that information, and then we went over it to make sure that everyone had the same thing.

We talked about how some of the information overlapped, but they could clearly see the difference of the important information-all based on different purposes.
Yellow-Buying Pink-Robbing

After we finished with that, I told them that we would be reading Fairy Tales.

Cue Yays! WhooHoos! and clapping. :)

They were to pick two different Fairy Tales to read. They were to read each one through once, and then they would read it for information that would be important to the villain, or evil character.

Then they were to read it again, but this time, looking for information that would be important to the good character, or hero/heroine.

All the while filling out this cute little organizer:
Click on the picture to get the organizer

I put the books out on the floor (same rules as the character traits: the books do not move-you do!) and sent them to work.
Concentrating Hard!
They got right to work! They were very interested in the books- and you could even hear them discussing and recommending to others. Their only complaint? I had a lot of Cinderella type books (because we did a Cinderella study in my class last year).

The Books:
The Paper Bag Princess; Trollerella; The 3 Little Fish & the Big Bad Shark

The Golden Sandal; Cindy Ellen

Lon Po Po; The Rough-Face Girl; Cinderella

Bigfoot CindeRRRRRella; The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!; Goldilocks & the 3 Bears

The Irish Cinderlad; The 3 Little Pigs; Cinder Edna

The 3 Little Wolves & the Big Bad Pig
The kids are loving these Fun Friday lesson (and me too!), and I love that I get to focus in on a skill and spend my time on it before I set them free. One of the best decisions I've think I've made.

Since we had a Snow Day today, I'm chilling in my PJ pants and a long-sleeve t-shirt (no picture required!). Yesterday's Outfit was a little more fun, as I picked up some new tops, and I wore one yesterday...springy colors to help Spring remember that it is time to come out and play. I guess it didn't work : P

Sweater: NY & Co
Top: Maurices
Pants: JCPenny
Shoes: TJ Maxx

I can't wait for winter to finally be over and spring to be here! Last time this year, we had 80 + degree weather. This year, snow (and it's still snowing as I type). Is it ever going to come???

Smiles and Sunshine,

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