Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We have been working with 3D shapes the past two days...as sort of a review/ introduction to perimeter and area.

Friday we read Mummy Math to introduce the shapes and vocab words.

Then we did some SMART Board Lessons (I love it!!) and had the kids do a paper I found on TPT (free!).

Yesterday, we reviewed what we covered, and I read The Sword in the Cone

 Again, the kids loved this (although they did not enjoy the Math puns as much as I did :)

Afterward, we discussed the vocab words again, and I wrote everything up on the whiteboard.

Then I had the kids copy this into their Notebooks...and the responsibility was on them to get it in. It was a nice change from doing them altogether...and then they could work on the worksheets on their own pace (using their notebooks if they needed!)

We're starting perimeter and area, and so far, the kids are doing a nice job so far...a little more easy math, and then we move onto fractions!! (::shudders::)

Monday's Outfit

Sweater: JCPenny
Pants: NY & Co
Shoes: Payless

These are new pants (the ones below too!), and they are a little big...so I was hiking them up all day because I don't have a belt skinny enough to fit through the loops. Plus, I'm in-between sizes (and I'd rather have too big than too small!), and I had to go up an extra size to make sure these fit right.

Good thing? They're petite so they don't require hemming (the whole purpose of buying new pants!) :)


Shirt: JCPenny
Pants & Sweater: NY & Co.
Shoes: DSW

I was feeling springy today, so eggshell blue and mint it was. (Although the cardigan did get buttoned halfway up). It was nice here today-almost 45! There is a storm a coming, so we may have yet another snow day, depending on where it goes-further out to sea or closer to shore.

Hoping your having a wonderful week!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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