Saturday, March 30, 2013

NonFiction Fun & High/Low

Happy Saturday!

I wanted to share my 'Fun Friday' lesson (the kids all cheered when I told them no, they didn't need their reading books because it was Fun Friday! :)

This week we focused on NonFiction Text Features...of which they have been woefully ignorant of. (until yesterday!)

We first started off by making and anchor chart (of course!). I took our Social Studies book, and some other non-fiction books, and show them each of the features as I talked about it.

This is actually a remake of the chart that I made last year:

I like the one I made this year better, I think it is a little cleaner and easier for the kids to read.

After we went over what the features were, I spread out the picture books and sent them on their way.

First, I had them doing a Scavenger Hunt that I got from Buzzing with Ms. B (to see if they could recognize the different features), and then I had them do a Using Text Features that I got from Ginger Snaps (to see if they understand why they were included).

I'm going to have them finish up with focusing on one book, using the NonFiction Response Sheet that I got from Create Teach Share.

The books I used:

I put out a variety of reading levels and topics, so everyone found something that they wanted to read about!

I'm also linking up with Teacher to the Core High/Low linky for March.

~ Getting 2 Snow Days AND a Delay
~Being 90-95% sure that for the first time EVER, I will be offered a returning contract...meaning I'll be in the SAME place and the SAME grade!! : D
~Finding out that my school bestie may be joining us in 4th Grade!
~Going to see Zombie Prom with the same bestie (her daughter was in it, and they did a wonderful job!)

~Getting a look at my electricity bill! (somehow, I (or someone linked in to my line) is using up triple the amount of electricity...and it all comes out of my pocket)
~ Having to buy two new tires for my car
~Getting 2 Snow Days AND a Delay (This makes we're going a week later than first scheduled)

March turned out to be a pretty decent month! I hope April is the same!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Teacher to the Core's High/Low Linky and I am your newest follower!

    Congratulations on getting your contract renewed! Same grade! No packing! No moving! And, your bestie might be teaching with you?! Sounds like next year will be awesome! I love when the weeks before school starts are about planning and NOT unpacking! :)

    I'm so sorry about your electricity bill!! I've had mine increase like crazy before but it was because they "guessed" the useage..they couldn't read the meter due to the snow, so instead they guessed to the extreme. Luckily, they guessed wrong and the amount ended up being a credit toward future bills. Still annoying.

    Unexpected bills (extra electricity, new tires) are never fun! Hope April is better!!! :)

    Glad I found your blog!

    Beth :)


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