Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Poems

One of my favorite things to do with students this month is ...Nicole Shelby's Holiday Sensory Detail Poems!

Holiday Sensory Detail Poems
This year, I did it a little differently.

First, I reviewed the different sense that we could use.

Then, I brainstormed a bunch of things that went along with each sense (although I used the 4th of July to model!)
The students then decided that they wanted to brainstorm in partners words/things that they associated with the holiday season (some asked if they could focus more on Christmas, and I said that it was fine)

(I had offered them partners, trios or quads. I picked their partners from my stick bin)

Of course, some were more organized...

than others...
After they brainstormed, we did a gallery walk and I let them add words if the wanted

I gave them on of the sheets from Nicole's pack, and had them brainstorm words (independently) that they wanted to use in their poems.

Then I modeled a very simple poem on the board-and had them do the same on the back of their paper.

After they finished, we talked about how boring that poem was, and how we could make it better-with revisions, adding in more details and figurative language.
Now it was their turn!

They revised their poem, and then went to their final drafts. They had their choice of papers, or they could do it on plain and decorate it.

Some wonderful poems!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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