Thursday, December 4, 2014

Writing an Ad

After we talked about Informational Writing, we zoomed in on our project for the week-writing an ad!

I thought an ad would be a great introduction to informational writing, fun, as well as seasonally appropriate!

The kids have been working a little bit with advertisements in their Library class, so they were familiar with what an ad was.

Since we have already done our prewriting and they had their objects, I wanted them to define what their ads should have, so we did a brainstorm session on the board.
They did a wonderful job! This is also going to be the rubric their ads are graded on-it has stayed up while they've been working, so they've had a clear view of the expectations.

I also did a quick example, to show them what I was looking for.
We went online to look at some ads and how colorful they were, and what stores included when featuring a product. (We looked at a Michaels ad, Target, and then went to the Toys'R'Us site to focus on individual products.)

I gave them the option of just going right to their final copy or doing a draft-since we did a lot of prewriting, I felt comfortable giving them that option.

In progress...
Completed! (I had them write a paragraph on the back answering the questions from the previous day-why it's cool, why would people buy it and why it's the best-a little opinion writing thrown in as well!)

They're coming out nicely! I think this was a great info intro, as well as a fun activity. They certainly seemed to enjoy it!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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