Monday, December 1, 2014

Informational Writing

I recently went to an excellent workshop on writing-Opinion/Persuasive Writing!

Now, even though this was a workshop on Opinion/Persuasive Writing, I got some great ideas that could be used for any writing-especially prewriting ideas!
I actually wrote the prewriting ideas up for a teamie-to share the awesomeness of the workshop! (If you're in the New England area, and have a chance to see Fred Wolff-who is a Six Traits presenter-then go!)

Our newest writing unit is informational/expository writing, and before we got to writing, I wanted to go over what informational writing was (and could be!)
After we came up with our lists, we moved into groups.

We are going to be writing advertisements (though they didn't know that)-I figured it was a good way to introduce it, plus it's that time of year when ads get crazy!

Using one of the prewriting ideas I got at the workshop, I split the kids into 4 groups of 4 (yes, I only have 16-I love it! I'll have more next year :)

I had them divide up their paper into three columns, and label it Toys, Games and Electronics/Video Games.
With their group, they had to brainstorm a list for each.

After they finished (there was some cool discussions!), I had them do a gallery walk to see what other groups came up with.

When the gallery walk finished, I gave each group a yellow piece of paper and had them divide into three again.

This time, they needed to pick the best toy/game/electronic and write down:
-Why it was cool
-Why people would buy it
-What made it the best

I told them they needed to come to a consensus on the best for each category.

The discussions they had were great!
As well as some compromise thrown in there :)

They took another gallery walk.
This group could not agree if a Wii (girls) or a Playstation/Xbox (boys-and I can't remember specifics :) was better. I suggested gaming system since that's what they both are.

This group had to compromise-they gave one girl the toy if the boys could pick the electronic :)

One of the kiddos here had a HUGE music thing-he won the electronic battle

 Then I sent them back to their seats. I had them pick one game/toy/electronic that they thought was the best and answer the questions above.

We shared as a group when everyone was finished :)

We talked a little bit about advertisements, and what they are.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about what an ad needs to have and I'll get them started on their writing.

This was a great lesson-long, but worthwhile! (It took over an hour-probably closer to an hour and a half with the chart and activities) Plus, they were engaged the whole time, and working cooperatively. Score!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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