Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Sub That Never Was

I was at a workshop yesterday, and I wanted to share how I set up for a sub.


My kids had a snow day. (Although it was bad out at all-it was icy-with no snow!)
Hey! He worked! Too bad I already had the day 'off' with a workshop!

So-no sub.

But I still went to my workshop! (The start was delayed an hour due to weather, but we still had it!)

So I'll share about the sub that never was! :)

I always start with my Sub Binder. I got this from Lesson Plans and Lattes.  I only have to update at the beginning of the year and I'm set!

Next, my plans.

I save them, so I just copy and paste the day into a new word document and changed certain aspects. 

I try to plan easy to do things that go along with what we are currently learning.

Everything gets stacked in the order of the day, and I'll often leave little post its on it, either labeling or explaining more.

I have a stock of Scholastic News saved, so if it's a Social Studies day, that's what they are working on.

For Math, I try to have a fun game/worksheet that not only goes along with a skill we've been practicing, but is also seasonal!

Since I never know who might show up (unless it's planned way in advanced like this one was), I don't want to try to have them do a Math in Focus lesson (especially since I'm not 100% comfortable with the program myself!)

In Reading, I always try to have a story with an activity-again, themed to the season!

For my guided reading groups, I wrote the plans on a sticky and attached to my binder, as well as additional instructions on each book.

I had previously written them in my plans, but with this method, I can write it up immediately after group, so I know the direction they go it.

If it is a 'surprise' absence, I write the GR plans in my regular lesson plans. It'll usually be having the student read aloud from previous chapters, or do a close reading article.

I overexplain everything, so my plans are usually 4 pages. Plus, I used to sub, so I know what it is like to get plans and have no idea what to do!

So these activities will be stashed away, and when I'm out again, they'll be dusted off for use. The best thing is that the activities can be used from year to year, so it is an easy copy and paste for a new day!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. I do the same thing with my plans on the computer like that. Makes is SO much easier when panning for a sub. Thanks for sharing what you do!

    Teaching in Room 6


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