Sunday, December 7, 2014

Smunday Made It

It's Monday Made It-on a Sunday! (Smunday-get it? :)

I've been busy with holiday cheer-making snowflakes!
I still have some left to go-I'll chain them together when I'm done, making a snowflake garland.

There's 3 different kinds of yarn-a pure white, white shot with silver, and white with sequins. It should look awesome when finished!

I also got my craft on for a teamie gift!

I got the idea from RepeatCrafterMe-who had the idea in the magazine I got for a gift from said teamie!

In case of a crochet emergency! :)
I've also done some paintings.

The first one I did at a paintbar with a new coworker-a fund night out!
This next one is a Christmas present for my mom-she liked on of the paintings I had done with a sunset, and she loves the ocean-so I thought I would combine the two!
I hope she likes it! (She's very difficult to please-so we'll see)

This last one wasn't made by me, but is  handmade-I picked it up at a craft fair.

I thought it would be perfect-and maybe give good luck! I couldn't pass this cutie up.
Isn't he adorable?! I can't decide whether to keep him at home or bring him to school for a little bit.  He'll definitely be hanging around for awhile! 

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Love the snowflakes! You are so crafty:)

    4th Works

  2. That snowman is adorable. I collect them so I would also have a hard time deciding between home and school.

    Wild About Fifth


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