Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashion Finds

So, you all know of my quest for more professional clothes after finding out that Jean Friday has passed on.

Well, yesterday I went back home to visit with my sister before she leaves to start her freshman year of college (she wants to be a High School Math Teacher!). Since I was in a good shopping area, I had to take advantage of it and do so more shopping :)

First stop: Marshall's. I had a gift card which had WAY more on it then I thought it did, so it actually cut my purchase in half.
I got two pairs of The Limited pants for under $20 each (score!) and this really cute green top (my sister got a matching one in blue:) Marshall's is usually a miss for me, but my sister brought her luck with her.

Second stop: Target. I also made a stop online, to pick up some things they didn't have in store.
Really cute fushia pencil skirt, which is LINED!  (online buy: the khaki one) , cute little tank with lace on it (online buy: pink), and a slip. To round out my online to get free shipping, I got these shoes:
And those tanks? Really comfortable and cute, with a little lace on the top to dress it up. I have them in many colors :)

Last stop: DSW.

I know they are the same pair of shoes. BUT, they are SO cute and comfortable I had to get two different colors (which I do a lot when I find things that fit! :). They are a kitten heel, and are Anne Klein iFlex. The ones on the left are a turquoise/teal color, and the ones on the right are a bluey-purple/navy color. I went over my budget with these, but I figured that I would wear them a lot, and if I didn't get them, I would totally regret it later (and my electric bill came and was only $20-three-quarters of that was a fee to turn on service, so even if it triples next month, I have a little extra :)

I now think I am ready for the challenge of creating professional teacher outfits for 5 days in a row. For now. Come November, I may need to rethink some needing more sweaters!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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