Monday, August 13, 2012

Score and Sore

I hope everyone got really good deals with all the sales going on! Myself....I got some great things for nothing out of pocket! :) I won some TPT giftcards ($35 all together) and due to some careful planning, splitting up purchases (cause you can't combine giftcards...does anyone else find that weird?) I did use some of my TPT credits (less than a $), so I wouldn't have to pay something ridiculous like $.12.

I got Ms. B's Government Pack as well as both her Fractions pack, Amber's Geometry Lapbook as well as her Foldable Templates, some of Janaye's Math Notebook packs, Dana's Math pack and her Multiplication and Division word problems and Stephanie's calendar pack. It's all downloaded and just needs to be printed, cut and laminated.

So that's the score part of this for the sore

I went in today to start doing my room. I was able to rearrange most of the furniture and set up about 3/4 of my library as well. I also starting organizing my desk...AFTER I cleaned it out from the previous teacher. Am I wrong, or should she have cleaned it out? want to see the progress?


Here is the BEFORE:

view from the door looking left

view from the door looking straight

Shelves/Manipulatives I have to organize

And here is the AFTER...I still have to get rid of some furniture, and move the desk/filing cabinet...but you get the general idea :)

View from the desk

View from the door

Classroom library :)

Middle of the room looking towards the door...some of those desks will be moved out of the room

Middle of the room SMARTBoard :), new literacy program

I also made a new friend...his name is ELMO :) I'm really excited about having a document camera...I was going to buy one and a projector (before I found out about the SMART Board and ELMO) He will be a really big help when we do our interactive notebooks!

Sore was also contributed by Target...they had 5 shelf book cases on sale, and I needed, my back now hurts. But I have a fairly nice 5 shelf book case to hold my graduate binders and romance novels!

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. I've had my ELMO for 4 years and I don't know what I would do without it. You will love it!!

    I'm a new follower.



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