Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Teacher Workshops

So yesterday was new teacher orientation for my district. This one was much better than the last new teacher orientation I was at (which lasted 3 1/2 days!), with a 1/2 day in meetings with the whole district, and a 1/2 day at our school learning about things and talking. We did get some time to spend in our rooms, so mine is now looking cleaner and more organized! (I'll show you all pictures when it's all done:)

In the morning, we did the typical introduce yourself and then the superintendent talked for about 1/2 hour. (He did say that he would go more in depth on Monday, when it's all staff meeting). He talked a little about how in the 150 years, education has changed greatly and will continue to change. However, he told us that now, we should focus more on if the change we have wrought has brought improvement. In order to keep improving, we need to continually assess to make sure the changes we are doing improving student learning and ability.

After the superintendent talked, we have 45 minutes of dead time. Our union peeps were coming to talk to us, but they weren't supposed to be there until 9:30, so we spent some time chatting, and I pulled out my Kindle for a bit :)

After them, we had about 20 minutes of dead time before the Technology workshop. It was so super helpful and not at all a waste of time (sarcasm, anyone?). The tech guy had to reset my password because he input it wrong in the first place. He made an inference that my handwriting was sloppy and he couldn't read it (Really? 'Cause I'm a former K-1 Teacher, and many people have told me that my writing is really neat). Let's just say that I'm hoping that I don't have to go to him for anything.

In the afternoon, we talked a little about school procedures and got a tour. We'll get a lot more info on Monday, since my school has a new principal and a lot of things have changed (He wasn't there today because of an emergency).

So, now that you have listened to my ramblings :) Here is the outfit that I wore to make a good first impression. (and ignore the painters tape and landlord is repainting my living room)

What I looked like before I left for the day :)

Blue Sweater: Maurices
Mint Shirt: JC Penny
White Tank and Shoes: Target
Skirt: Old Navy

Now, it was really cold this morning when I left, so the sweater definitely came in handy. (I had to put the heat on in my car!). However, after spending some hours in non-air conditioned rooms, and organizing/moving stuff...this is what I looked like at the end of the day.

Sweater came off, and I look slightly more frazzled...although I did rebrush my hair for you before I snapped a picture :)

What do you like to wear when making a good impression?
Happy weekend!
Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. I am a skirt person, pretty much 100% of the time, so I guess it is my make a good impression/everyday wear! I love your sweater btw!


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