Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Haves Monday Made It

I'm linking up today with Blog Hoppin' for Teacher Week.

Today is Must Have Monday.

My Must Haves are:

1. Post-its...I use them all the time and I try to teach the kids to use them as well.
2. Books...I love reading and can't live without books. I get almost all of my children's books from Scholastic, and I need to be surrounded by professional reading as well!
This is just part of my library...I have a slight problem :)
3. Coke...I don't drink coffee, or tea, so Coke is how I get my caffeine. It also helps on those long afternoons when I've stayed up late the night before blog stalking :)
4. Mr. Sketch markers...I use these for my morning messages as well as anchor charts. And they smell so yummy :)

5. A positive attitude. I come into work smiling each day, and try to put a bright spin on everything (let's put it this way, when I find out last year that I wasn't coming back, a lot of people told me they were impressed with my attitude and dedication...made me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

It's also time for Monday Made It!
I got my craft on this week, getting ready for the first day of school next week.

Name placard for outside my door
Attendance/Lunch count...I also made the magnets :)
Class Bucket the idea from Stephanie at 3rd Grade Thoughts

Name Sticks bucket
Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. I love your attendance/lunch choice board! It doesn't take up a lot of space and is a great visual.

  2. That attendance/lunch board is great!
    I am guessing you start on absent- either that, or you had one boring day!!

  3. I am soooo addicted to buying books. I have so many in my library, but somehow always seem to be adding more! Cute magnets! I made some this year too! Super exciting :)

    Reaching for the TOP!


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