Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Shopping

Today I decided to go and get a back to school hair cut (I visit the hair salon 2-3 times a year, and the last time I went was March!), and it turned out SUPER cute! :) The stylist really listened to what I do with my hair (nothing) and gave me a cut that should grow out really nicely, especially since I am no/low maintenance with my hair.

 She took up the length about 2 inches, did long layers (it was all one length before), and angled the front to help my growing out bangs blend in better. It feels soooo much shorter and better!

Since I was in the area, I had to stop at Staples. I got some good deals (like 1 cent binder filler paper) and some stuff to get ready for the new year. Take a look!

Desk Calendar to mark meeting, important dates (like pay day! :), and to keep track of days (providing it doesn't get covered with papers)

Stickies for the kids on the first day of school, as well as pre-sharpened pencils (WELL worth the money in my opinion!)

Binders for organizing worksheets/units, dividers to help with organization, labels for notebooks, filler paper for writer's notebooks, and command hooks for the apartment-I plan on using them to hang necklaces, so they don't get as tangled!

I also stopped at McDonald's to have lunch...and was amazed when I walked in. They had flat screen TV's, couches, low tables, comfy chairs, and a circular booth. It was the fanciest McD's I've ever been too!

My wishlist at TPT is getting larger for tomorrow's big sale...(hence the binders), plus I've been holding onto some giftcards that I won for a hopefully cheap day. Good luck shopping tomorrow!

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. you're making me think about when I got my hair cut last. I think it was January? I'm overdue! I suppose I should make an appointment for a back-to-school haircut!


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