Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meetings 2

Hi Peeps!

I was hoping to spend the morning in my classroom, doing name tags and organizing their desks for the Meet & Greet tomorrow. Instead, we had another staff meeting. Yay! So, I only got about an hour and 15 minutes instead. Hopefully, everything will be done enough tomorrow before the kids come in.

So, this afternoon and tomorrow morning, I had/have Literacy By Design training, since it is our new literacy program. I like some things about it, like how it's scripted, and lets us know teaching points. I came from a 4 Blocks school last year, so having this is a huge relief from having to figure it all out by myself.

Tomorrow's workshop is all about the technology aspect of it, which I'm looking forward to, since I can use the SMART Board with the kids.

The presenter wasn't all that great today, she had us looking at the materials by ourselves for an hour and half while she sat and watched us (it wouldn't have been so bad if she had circulated and asked us questions, or gave us answers if we had questions), and then she started going through the teachings guides and things. Only 1 more day of meetings and then we start on Thursday!

So, what I wore today (an my glasses since my eyes were 'tired' today)

Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory
Tank: Target (you can't really see it since it's flesh colored, but the sequins itch :)
Capris: JC Penny

No shoe pic today, since I switched shoes a couple of times...and discovered that I need to throw some pairs out because my feet somehow grew 1/2 a size and they no longer fit :(

Smiles and Sunshine,

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