Thursday, November 29, 2012

Outfits, Ooblecks, Out & Organizers

 Hi Bloggy Buds!

How do you like that title for alliteration!

Today's Outfit
Tank, Shirt & Shoes: Target
Pants: Kohls

I'm dressed a little more casually today because we did an Oobleck lab in Science. Needless to say, the floor of my room was white, as well as me having white handprints on my pants (from when I was mixing, and I forgot didn't realize that my hand was covered and leaned on my pants...)

They had a lot of fun though, and hopefully have a better idea of solids and liquids!

Tomorrow we are doing a lab on buoyancy, and I hope that they listen better than they did today...they lost some recess time because they couldn't be quiet and listen to my directions.

I'm going to be out Monday and Tuesday of next week, so I've been spending most of the week prepping for those two days (my sub plans are already 7 pages and they're not done yet!). I'm going to the New England Conference for 3rd-5th Grade Teachers, and I'm looking forward to it! I have a pretty even mix of Math and Reading/Writing workshops that I picked, and I'll hopefully pick up some really good ideas. I also feel lucky that my principal is letting me take two days off (and that the district will reimburse me!).

Yesterday's Outfit
Sweater: Kohls
Tank: Target
Pants: Gap Outlet
Boots: Endless/Amazon

We are working on Personal Narratives in writing, and I told the students to pick an experience that they had in their lives. So far, they are coming out really well, and some of them are really funny! :) We've been using graphic organizers that I've created to brainstorm/plan, and then to plan out the paragraph and how we want our sentences to look.

One of my friends told me today that he found writing it so much easier (he's already finished his first draft and self-editing!). He told me he really liked having the organizers to help plan out your thinking! Guess what I'll bee doing every time we start a new writing project?

Smiles and Sunshine,

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