Thursday, November 8, 2012

Science Lab

So for our science curriculum, the 4th grade teachers in my school focus in on one or two topics and our classes rotate through each of us for them to get the whole curriculum.

My specialty is Weathering and Erosion, and States of Matter. Since we have just finished our Rocks and Minerals unit (we had a teacher brought in from a local naturalist center), I decided to start with Weathering and Erosion (since it should be fresh in their minds and everything ;).

Part of my 'focus' is to introduce them to some of the materials, as well as going through the experiment process with them. So I thought that the perfect way to do that would be to do Science Rotations!

First off, we reviewed the vocabulary from yesterday. (I made a PowerPoint to project on the SMARTBoard). Then, I used the document camera to introduce how to read a graduated cylinder (from the bottom of the meniscus) (woot! I spelled that right the first time!)

Then they moved into their Science rotations. One center was reading the graduated cylinders and recording their observations on the rotation sheet.
(I used the bigger one with the document camera). I colored the water to make it easier to see the level. I made a big deal about having to get to eye level to read it correctly. They seemed to do a really good job with it!

The next center was using syringes to draw water out to a certain amount, and fill something with it. This is a skill that we are going to be using in our experiment, so I wanted to make sure that they had practice.
I had them draw different mL amounts, and then  fill the cups and record how high the water level was in the cups. We need a little more practice with this one. :)

The next center I had them playing with balances. I told them to fill one side first with pattern blocks, and then they had to make the balance level without taking any blocks out.
They had a lot of fun with this one!

In the last center, I put out magnifying lenses and rocks and had them draw the rock sample they had using lots of details.

Since this is a new class, they aren't as aware of my expectations as my kids are (I did go over basic rules, and will reinforce them each time...this class is known as a 'handfull'). Soooo, they didn't quite get the center idea and how to fill out the paper. So I did an example paper (see below) to show them what my expectations for their work is. We did again today, while I pulled one group at a time to start the experiment. They did a much better job!

I'm creating a lot of things for this unit, and am thinking of opening up a TPT shop to sell it (although I'll still offer plenty of freebies!). Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Yesterday's Outfit

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So now that the colder weather is here, you will probably be seeing a lot of the same I don't have all that many. Although I'll do my best to mix it up for you :)

Today's Outfit
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