Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organizing for Instruction

It's Teacher Week 2013!

Today is Organizing Instruction Wednesday!

Peeps,if you didn't know this before, you'll know this now.

My name is Kaitlyn and I have a binder problem.

Everything goes into a binder. My binders have binders (ok, not really...but you get the point ;)

Each major subject has it's own color.

Blue is Science
Navy is Math
Purple is Writing (Seasonal, Traits, and Poetry)
Pink/Light Purple is Social Studies 
Teal is Literacy Series

And they all have the same dividers in them (for those that need dividers)

My Social Studies Tabs

Either the Avery 5-Tab with Pockets or the 8-Tab with Pockets.

And everything is page protected...(I have a ton of these-usually buy the 200 pack!!)

Some subjects have more than one....
These are my Math Center Binders-separated by domain. It has the hard copies and recording/answer sheets of all the centers I have printed out. Plus, I have the Math WS Binder above!
-Writing has a lot too!

Since I accumulated a lot of stuff from wonderful TPT sellers and freebies (I'm like a ninja-I grab those flash freebies quick! :) (THANK YOU!!), I recently started adding in specialized binders with favorite units and plans.

Mentor Sentences:
Go to Ideas By Jivey for more information!

Greek Myths:
I have both of Nicole Shelby's Units...and ignore the tootsies!

Figurative Language:

Reading Units:
Guided Reading Plans/Notes:
Sub Binder:
Got this here last year :)
Plus, a Meeting/Data Binder that goes everywhere and various other binders stashed all over!

Clearly, I have issues ;)

But for the most part-I know where everything is, and which binder to grab when I am looking for something specific (like, if I need a graphic organizer but am not sure which one I want to use, I look in my literacy binder or reading units)

Plus, they look oh so pretty!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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