Thursday, August 15, 2013

Taming those Wild Things

It's Teacher Week 2013!

Today is Classroom Management Thursday!

I've used various methods throughout my years, and seen even more (I subbed for a year-was that an eye-opener!), and I've discovered...

It always depends on the class.

Last year I was uber lucky and did not have to really manage their behavior...they were amazing! However, the year before that, I had some issues (darn girl drama!) and I know I'll have some 'challenges' this upcoming year.

The year before last and this upcoming year, I have/will be using a clip chart:

Redone this year to match my sea theme!
I like this because I can focus on mostly positive behavior-and the kids can move up and down throughout the gives them a lot of chances.

I also have some coming in with pre-set behavior plans...but I haven't been informed yet as to what they are.

The one thing that has stayed consistent throughout all my years is how I set up the expectations and the rules.

First, we start talking about what we each want to accomplish this school year-our Hopes and Dreams.

This is individualized to each student-they set what they want to learn/do (a little like goal setting-but I don't expect them to meet it...i.e One friend last year wanted to go on a nature walk and discover dinosaur bones....sorry kid but that will probably not happen!)

After we have written down/drawn out our Hopes and Dreams (we do them on clouds!), we sit down and talk about what kind of rules they'll need to help them accomplish their Hopes and Dreams.

They tell me what rules they thing they need and I'll write them allllllllllllll down

After I write them down (colors not specific!), we will sort them into three categories (Somehow, they always fit into one of the three...amazing, right?! ;)
Me, Others and Supplies/School.

We then come up with a positively stated rule that covers everything in that category.

And add one more for keep me happy and have fun learning! (That way, if they do something that they say doesn't fit into one of the categories, I can always ask if they made me happy. :)

We also talk a lot about making good choices-and how Miss M will still like you, but may not like the choice you are making-and how to change your choice. Lots of role-playing and modeling!!

Smiles and Sunshine,

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