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Thursday Throwdown: Mini-Books / Currently

Happy August!

(Where is summer going by the way? The school year doesn't go by this quickly!)

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I've used these mini-books many times this summer and almost blogged about them-before I saw Erin's reminder :)

The kids love these books, and they are really easy to make. I first saw them at a workshop 6 or 7 years ago as a (very) young teacher. I've also seen them recently floating around.

First, start with a piece of paper.
 Fold it in half.
Turn 90 degrees and fold in half again
Turn 90 degrees and fold in half again
(Basically, you're folding it into 8 pieces :)

Open paper up so it is only folded in half (back to step number 2-but now with fold lines!)
You are going to cut that vertical line down to the fold
Open paper up and fold it so the cut line is on top
Now, you're going to push the two sides together so the paper lies flat
Now you just have to fold the pages down into book form!

Now you can have your kids create anything! It's an 8 page book (including front and back covers). I've had kids create mini-animal encyclopedias, a 'list' of favorite books, summarizing a longer book, etc.

I've most recently used them to have kids pick their favorite animal pairs from a book we read and draw and write about them.

I had them draw a picture and write at least one fact about why or how the animals were friends.
They were seriously into it!  I've never seen them so quiet. :)

August Currently:

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Thank you so much for the mini-book directions! I have seen these but never quite sure how to make them without cutting and stapling. You rock!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits

  2. I have made these mini-books before and they are so easy. I just love that you don't have to use staples and glue. Great post!

    Sixth Grade Tales
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  3. I used this type of books with my kiddos at the very end of the year last year and they loved it. They were amazed that you could make a book out of a sheet of paper.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

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  5. This is fantastic - starting to think of how I want to use it first - maybe a All About Me minibook for the first week! Thanks so much pinning it!

  6. OK. I just sat here and constructed my own mini-book - I was so fascinated! A paper-folding activity that I haven't seen.. you have humbled me! HA! I love your new colors and patterns on your sidebar by the way. Thanks for linking up, Kaitlyn!
    :) Erin

  7. I love the mini book tutorial!! I need to pin that because I always feel challenged in the paper folding department! :) Furniture shopping? How fun!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  8. Found you through Currently! I'm your newest follower! I dislike when the secretary keeps coming by with "the final" list after you have labeled items. Love, love, love a final list!

  9. I love those mini-books! I've been making them for years, but this was the best "How to" explanation that I've seen!
    I'm excited to find another New England blogger! I'm from New Hampshire!

    Love your blog!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  10. I've made those mini-books before but I always need reminders on how to make them again.


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