Friday, August 15, 2014

Dollar Store Love

I've spent some time recently at my local dollar store (Dollar Tree), and got some amazing things for my classroom!
 I thought I share some of the fun things I got (and not everything is pictured :)

I grabbed some cute puzzles for those indoor recess days! We might also use them in the first few days to work on group/team work.

I got a TON of bags! I'll now have 3 sets of Math manipulatives, so I got the bags to help me organize all of them.

I got some more bins and couldn't resist these cute buckets! They also have a bucket on their group 'table' with highlighters, pencils, etc. The buckets also live on the writing table.
The baskets are going to be the 'trash' baskets while we are working on our interactive notebooks.  It will hopefully cut down on trips to the recycle bin!

I grabbed the file folders with the hopes that they would hold the half page task cards I have-but not quite. They'll hold some CC I can statements instead. :)

I may even have to make another trip (two different trips for this stuff, plus visiting 2 others!), once I see what my new math manips look like. I've already used up almost all the baskets with the ones I have now!

Do you spend time at a dollar store near you?

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. I see the dollar tree of more of a teacher supply store than I do anything else This summer they were setting a display with blue and green baskets and as the gal walked away, I grabbed all the blue and green square baskets off the display. Best 20 bucks I have ever spent. The lady caught me at the checkout and said "there they are! I knew I set those up! You must be a teacher!" I smiled proudly..."YUP!" I replied


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