Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Under Construction

I finally hauled my lazy tuchus off the couch and into school to get some work done!

Part of my issue is that I'm SUCH a night owl-I am so much more awake and ready to work at night (all night, sometimes!), that I sleep through most of the morning. Like my Monday Made It's when they're posted at 4:30 or 5-I didn't wake up early, I just hadn't gone to sleep yet :)

Usually when I'm ready to work-school is closed :) (So, I work on school-related stuff instead!)

My original intent was to keep the same layout/format as last year.

But about midway through the summer, I changed my mind (an epiphany, brainstorm, etc), and was inspired by some older classroom reveals.

So! Onto the good stuff!
 This is what it looked like when I walked in this morning. There's a table on the tile that held boxes from my supply order.

After 4 1/2 hours...
Let's take a close look!

One of the major things I wanted to do was to move my library (and update the labels!). The library used to be along the chalkboard in the back.


I also pulled out the nonfiction books and have them on my shelves.
Plus, I did some major label work!
They weren't really falling off-they're only like that because I had to take them off to get at the sticker to put on the new labels!
It's much neater and more cohesive!

After I laminated them (and cut them out!), I just attached them to the baskets with hot glue. I'll be able to pull it off if needed. (Baskets are the $1 shoe containers-I just don't pick up the lids!)

Where my library was, I moved the table (that you couldn't see in the first picture) and put it against the chalkboard. It will be a writing/work area.
I have extra desks there-I have 20 desks, but right now I only have 16 students-so I'm putting the unused desks to work!

My reading group area stayed in the same area, although I reoriented it a bit.
This will also be a meeting-ish area, as well as book basket storage.

I also managed to put up the months for the birthday wall (doors!).
I still have more to do-it seems every time I turned around, I thought of another project or saw something else that I needed to do. Isn't that always the case?!

I'll continue to be under construction for the rest of this week-I hope to get it all done so I can really relax next week-my last week of summer!

Smiles and Sunshine,


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