Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Made It

Well, school has finally arrived. I'll be spending my day in meetings-learning about all the wonderful things that are going on.

It's also supposed to be one of the hottest weeks we've had so far-doesn't it figure?!

My first, biggest accomplishment this week is that I finished my square blanket (joined together and everything!), as well finishing a stash buster baby blanket.
It's 54 different squares, joined together with white. Now I just have to sew in all the ends!

I think they turned out well!
For my next made-it, I whipped up some fun magnets (both for home and school!)

AC Moore had these cute mini canvas stickers, so I stuck a magnet on the back of each of them. They really brighten up my fridge!
Michaels had these really cute glitter clothespins (larger size), so I glued magnets onto the back of them as well! They'll help me hold papers on the whiteboard (except for the green one-that one is holding coupons and menus at home!)

This last made it is probably my favorite. I made a new sign for outside my door-with things I like to do!
Just have to glue some tacks on the back!
I decided to do my full name (because the stickers made it look so pretty!), so people can find my room easier. I can always tell them what I like to be called :)

Enjoy your Monday!

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Wow! You were very busy! I hope your classroom wasn't too hot--it was STICKY in mine today! I love your blankets--I've never learned how to knit or crochet...


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