Friday, August 22, 2014

Social Studies Love

Well, we've come to the end of Teacher Week! Sadly, this means I start back bright and early on Monday. Bye, Summer!

Since my thoughts lately have turned to back to school, I've thought about what subjects I love to teach.

I truly enjoy all the subjects (most of the time! ;), but I really get excited about Social Studies!

I've created most of my own resources for Social Studies, from Abenaki Lapbooks

State Map with different tribe areas colored in the middle
to Explorer Articles
with our Sea Journey

 To Colonial America (with some interactive websites and SMART Notebook files!)

and the American Revolution with my fill in the blank foldables

Social Studies is definitely one of my very favorites to teach (and I majored in it as an undergrad!), and I think I've made it fun for the kids too-they all said they enjoyed it this year!

*No, none of these are for sale-I don't have a TPT store (yet-maybe someday!)*

What subjects are your favorite?

Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. I am a science girl! I love being able to do experiments with the kids and can't wait to get them going this year!

    4th Grade with Glitter

  2. I'm a math girl, who started loving science as I began to teach that subject for partial teaming years ago. With the newer reading trends, I have begun to love teaching ELA, which is good since that's all I'm teaching this year! Your social studies materials look awesome. We ordered comp notebooks last year to give it a try for this school year, but now that I'm not doing SS, those who are chose not to do it:(



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