Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Day! :)

It seems fitting that my 400th blog post is about the first day of school!

I only wish I could have shown this-but SMART Board projector is still broken...

I have 16 cherubs and all showed up today!

We completed The Marshmallow Challenge to help us with our group work and creative/critical thinking.

 All of them fell once their hand support were taken away when the marshmallow was put on, but then one group rejiggered it and...

We also saved Fred for the 3rd year in a row! (That worm needs to go to boat school!)

This led to a mini-lesson on perseverance, and how we would need to keep trying at things this year.

We started our Hopes and Dreams-which is a precursor to creating our classroom rules.

I started with this book
And asked them to think about what Big Al's hopes and dreams might be. Once we had an answer, we talked about alllll the different things Big Al tried in order to reach his goal.

Then it was their turn to create their hope and dream for the school year!

We have a little left to finish before we come up with our rules!

We ended our day with the fabulous The Dot lesson that I found on The Teacher Studio.

We talked about what lessons we could learn from the book.
We came up with quite a few!

Then it was time to paint!

 I think their favorite part was the painting! :)

Then we had the Opening Day BBQ (I stayed at school since it would have been pointless to go home), which wasn't really a BBQ since the budget was cut-more of a potluck!

First Day outfit (which got TONS of compliments!):

Shoes: Nine West through

Smiles and Sunshine,

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