Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After Field Day

Hi Bloggy Buds! Long time, no write! :)

Things have been a teensy bit hectic with the end of the year coming (Friday!!!!), as well as searching for an apartment and doing end of year paper work.

I wanted to share with you what I did on Field Day- ours is a 1/2 day, so we still have the afternoon.

Except this field day got cut short because of rain...which screwed everything up. No biggies....I brought up a couple of Scholastic Virtual Field Trips and waited until things got back to normal :)

When we got back to our regularly scheduled program, I had some fun activities planned.

(FYI-our field day was last Thursday...I had just finished a 'theme' and didn't want to start a new one with 6 days left~so this was the introduction to what we would do for the rest of the year)

I started out by introducing Greek Myths. I have both units from Nicole Shelby, and we started out with a PowerPoint that she has for free through her blog.

OMG! The kids loved this. I then handed out the packet of stories I got from this unit:

Each day, the kids read one or two stories and do the activities that go along with it.They are loving it and starting to make such great connections. :)

Next, I introduced this project:

We are doing this one together, and I'm reading the book to them every day.  They love the fact I'm reading to them...(something I don't usually do-time constraints :( They're having a lot of fun with this too.

There you go...two fun activities that keeps them learning until the end of the year, but are different than what we've done before. Go check these out!

Before/During Field Day:

Shirt: Old Navy
Tank: Target
Capris: Kohls
Sneakers: ?

I also threw on our school shirt (everyone got one...they're so cute!) over this.

Immediately After (as soon as I could change!!)
Jeans: JCP
Shoes: Target

Have I ever mentioned that I hate sneakers? Therefore, as soon as I could, I changed into jeans (glad I did-it was cold and icky that day!) and switched into flats (now my feet can breathe!). I'm much happier with this outfit than the one above :)

Friday's Outfit:
Another cool day (June-what's your problem?!)

Sweaters: Maurices
Tank: Target
Jeans: JCP
Shoes: Kohls

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Smiles and Sunshine,

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