Thursday, June 20, 2013


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Today's Topic: Manipulatives!

I previously blogged about my manipulatives here

But as a refresher...

This is what my storage looks like right now:
I group like things together.

Now that I know that I will be here for at least another year (hoping it's more!), I am reorganizing everything (prepare for a very different class organization system next year!).

First stop: Dollar Store!

I picked up some cute baskets/storage in my colors, and have been slowly going through my manipulatives-getting rid of what I didn't use, what I have doubles of and what I don't think I need.

The baskets:
They go well with my book luggage (look behind!) as well as the baskets I already have from Really Good Stuff (Large Rectangular Book) and my semi-Under the Sea theme.

They hold a good amount too...I was able to fit 15 flats in there, 11+ decks of cards, and all my pattern blocks (after I got rid of the ones that were icky). Plus, I can stack them on top of one another and fit 4 in a small space.

Next year, all the math manipulatives will be stored on one section of the shelves. I've already started:
It's a work-in-progress!

Wednesday's Outfit:

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt/Tank: Target
Shoes: Zappos

 Saw a very nice apartment yesterday...definitely applied-just waiting for a call of yay or nay! I hope I get it...I think it would be perfect!

UPDATE: I got the apartment!!! I sign the lease on Tuesday, and can start moving in July 1st. I'll probably take my time moving (meaning I'll pay 2 rents in July), since my lease isn't up until the end of the month, and I'll want to do most of it on  my own. Now, I just need to find some boxes :)

Smiles and Sunshine,

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  1. Nice colors for storage containers! If they have to sit out, they have to be pretty:) Good luck with the apartment!

  2. Love that SKIRT! Cute outfit and good luck with the apartment.

  3. I *LOVE* Dollar Tree baskets - they are so handy!
    Glad you're able to spend some quality time organizing - I can't wait to see your system for next year!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

    Joy in the Journey


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