Thursday, June 6, 2013

Collecting and Returning Homework

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Today's Topic: Collecting and Returning Homework

(ignore the follow disaster on the desk please :)

I have an 'in bin' on my desk specifically for homework.The kids know that all homework goes right in here.

Last year, I had one bin for both homework and classwork-but I found it got too full too quickly and things were all mixed together.

By separating them, things are less mixed, it gets full less quickly and when I only want to grade a certain thing, I know which bin to pull from.

After pulling out the homework, I separate it into piles.
Separated by homework type
Then, I organize each pile by their # order-which they are supposed to put on their papers, but usually forget :) Doesn't matter-I have them all memorized ;)
Nicely stacked and organized...Ready to Grade!
After that, I pull out my grading pens
Bic Flair Pens-I love all the colors!
and grade away!

I try to grade a couple times a week-and if I have the time that day, I'll grade it that day.

To return homework (after I enter the grades), I put it in their mailboxes.
Each student has one, and they are numbered on the inside.
An easy system that keeps me organized!

Next year, I'm thinking of adding an initial/sign-in sheet by the homework bin...too often I hear that "But I turned it in!"  My response is well I don't have it. This will keep them more accountable.

I'll be back tomorrow with the winner of my giveaway!  Thanks to the bloggers that helped me out :) and to all of you that entered!!!

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  1. I love those mailboxes. Where did you get them from? I also have a similar system to you. I have a clipboard in each 'collection bin' that has the name of each assignment. The students are required to check off which assignment they are turning in. Thanks for sharing!! Always great to see what others are doing in their classrooms :D

  2. Hi Kaitlyn,

    It looks like you are super organized. I like the idea of keeping the kids more accountable for turning in their work.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Compassionate Teacher

  3. I love the idea of the sign in sheet! I also LOVE those pens for grading!
    New Follower!!

  4. Hi Kaitlyn,

    I really like having separate bins for homework and for classwork - mine often gets overflowing, so I will have to implement that next year.

    I also number my kids - it makes life SO much easier.

    I *LOVE* your pens - I use the same ones. They are the best - hands-down :)

    Joy in the Journey

  5. I also have an Inbox, but it gets filled up quickly, too. And ugh..I HATE the "But I handed it in!" comments! (And usually they find it unfinished in their desk, backpack, etc.....

    From Mrs. Allen's Teaching Files


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