Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Workshop Wednesday: Pinterest Reading

**Please pin the Pinterest images from the sources listed below the photos to give proper credit. Thanks!**

Happy Wednesday (1/2 way through the week!)

Jivey is doing something a little different this month-since a lot of you are already done (lucky-I have 11 1/2 more days...but I'll be thinking of you when y'all go back in July and early August-we go back late August :).

She's having us share our favorite pins that you want to try in the new school year. I thought I would break it up into three different weeks-since I have a lot of boards...and a lot of pins!

So today's focus is reading. Here are some things that I really want to do next year:

Have the kids use post-its when reading a whole lot more...and keep track of their thinking and how it changes.

This will help them with their entries~so they can write long off a post it...
Source: via Kaitlyn on Pinterest

and I can grade them...

(Jivey featured that chart a few posts ago!)

 I also want to do better on the rotations-have something more concrete for them to do when they finish their choice boards or tic tac toes for their independent reading.

Monday's Outfit:

 Shirt: Kohls

Tank: Target
Shorts: LOFT outlet
Shoes: Endless

We practiced an off-site evacuation today (if for some reason we can't go back into the school~where we go and how we handle pick up/dismissal)-so I wanted to be comfortable while walking!

I did manage to find some things while outleting with my friends-despite my best efforts not to spend any money. This was my first time in the LOFT outlet- and I found 2 pairs of shorts and a dress (I also found a skirt at Old Navy Outlet). I heart a store that has a decent petite section!

Tuesday's Outfit
Shirt: Maurices
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Zappos

I did have a sweater today-not expecting to get as much use out of it...but it was colder than I thought!!

Last Day to Enter!!!
Smiles and Sunshine,


  1. Really like the post-it note assessment rubric, that one is something to think about.

  2. Post-its are the BEST! Thanks for linking up! :)
    ideas by jivey
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  3. Lots of good ideas to keep the students thinking.

    room 4 imagination


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