Friday, June 7, 2013


For Reading this week we have been focusing on classifying information.

Boy, did I get some confused looks at first!

With all those confused looks, I wanted to make it easier for them (at first) to practice this skill.

So I did something with them I have never done before-on a 'scheduled LBD day'.

I had them use picture books to practice the skill. GASP! I know-I wasn't following the program to fidelity!

I haven't done this before while teaching the program directly (but I HAVE taken days off from the program to teach different skills ;), but I really felt they needed this extra practice.

And I liked it! I think that's something that I want to start doing more often while teaching the program

(Explanation- each 'theme' runs on a 10 day cycle. The first two days are modeled reading, day 3 is shared reading and days 4-10 are interactive reading.

On day 1, I read (or have the SMART Board read ;) the passage. For center practice they read the writing model for that theme.

 On day 2, I read a section of the passage and demonstrate the skill. There is/was no center reading practice this day-until I pulled out the picture books)

Now that you have the proper schema ;), let's continue.

I first modeled the skill using the section of text LBD had picked (they picked a good one this time!)

 I reread the passage and modeled doing the first two columns. Then I pulled out the remaining information and listed it on the bottom.

I asked the kids if any of the information left over had anything in common, and what the category name could be...they did well! (Our reading selection was about the creation of the Stetson-The Boss of the West :)

I had pulled enough books for each child to have one. I deliberately choose non-fiction books, because I felt that they could find and classify information easier.
Mostly about animals and stars, with some history thrown in
I told the students they could pick a book, and then use the organizer to record their thinking.
Click on the picture to get!
They really enjoyed it! Plus, I saw an improvement (and more understanding) of how to classify and categorize information. (Always a goal!)

A fun, easy to prep lesson that follows program guidelines and kids enjoy! I'll definitely need to do this more next year...hmmmmm-I may need to get more picture books! ;)

And now, onto my giveaway:
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Irene, expect lots of emails soon!

Thursday's Outfit:

Shirt: Maurices
Pants: JCP
Shoes: Payless

I actually grabbed my pink open cardigan at the last minute-and I was glad I did! It was cooling down-so it was a good fit!

Today's Outfit:
Shirt: NY & Co
Tank: Old Navy
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Same story with grabbing a cardigan-except it was my gray one!

Have a happy (dryish?) weekend!

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  1. Which reading program are you using? Just curious because we will be getting a new program soon.


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