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Word Nerds 3


I'm hosting Chapter 3 of Word Nerds along with

Joy in the Journey
Thanks to Sabra for coming up with an awesome book choice! (Where you can link up your post)
Teaching with a Touch of Twang

 Our chapter is Making Introductions
~Words from previous weeks should remain up 
~Word Predictions:
       -Use cloze activities (what word is missing)
       -Introduce the word, then chant it. Break it into syllable parts. Have the students follow along (making sure they can see the spelling of the word)-due multiple times
       -Have the students predict what they think the word means 
       -Tell the part of speech as well-contexts it can be used in
       -Setting this up will take more time in the beginning, but it is important for students to start thinking about and connection words
~Trying Out Words:
      -Cloze activities can help with test taking skills-you use a bunch of strategies to help figure out the right word
     -The sentences need to have enough information for the students to be able to figure out the words
     -Reread sentences once you've made a guess (a good tool for everything!)
     -Use thumbs up/thumbs down for a quick assessment (can guide your teaching for the next day!)
     -Have the students try all the may fit in a few places-but we want the best choice (I hate it when they do that!)
~Primary Vocabulary Journals
     -Students add a new words to their journals
     -Use a graphic organizer that has them think about the words in many different ways (i.e Frayer Model)
                -I use Laura Candler's Vocabulary Foldable (scroll down on link!) for my kids-they like it! 
     -Model how to fill out and make good choices-will eventually become an independent task
~You can use the same steps above to introduce words in the upper grades as well-but add in sentence prediction
      - You start by reading the sentences and having the students figure out what word will go there before you introduce it.
      - This allows the students to use what they already know, and make predictions and inferences based on what they know about the topic
     -Then go into the Word Prediction, Trying Out Words and Vocab Journals
~ELL/ESL Students - have them make a connection to the word in their native language
~This will take longer at the beginning of the year, but it is an important step to building a student's vocabulary and understanding of words.

How do you introduce vocab?

Smiles and Sunshine,

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