Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Word Nerds 1-2

I'm a little late to the party (what else is new?!) but I thought I would share my thoughts on Words Nerds, which is put together by the awesome Sabra at

Teaching with a Touch of Twang

Chapter 1-What's the Big Deal About Vocabulary Instruction
~We can't use the words correctly unless we understand it
~Words have many meanings-we need to know which meaning they're talking about
~Some meanings have many words-which one fits best/is appropriate?
~It's all through the CC (what isn't?)
~Just looking the words up in the dictionary won't help them remember
~It also doesn't reflect a true understanding of what the word means or how to use it
~Some words are more important than other to know-divided into 3 tiers-with Tier 1 being the most common and Tier 3 being subject-specific (Science/Social Studies)
~Students need to travel the step of a ladder (from having no knowledge, to having heard it, understanding meaning, etc) for each new word they learn
~Words need to be experienced multiple times
~Looking up a word doesn't help them learn it
~Students build word schema...just add it to the filing cabinet!
~Readers usually have more words/meanings than nonreaders
~They can learn new words through conversation
~Words can be learned through play-as well as direct instruction
~Most students need strateiges to help them learn new words while reading

Chapter 2-Classrooms That Foster Confidence
~Routine, Routine, Routine
~Vocabulary should be directly taught-but as a part of a whole group lesson
~Words should come from reading-Shared Reading, Small Group Reading, Text Books-and they should be encouraged to use the words in their writing
~Choose words from your Reading Program (or use the words your Reading Program tells you-like me!), as well as content area words that are important for students to know (i.e. I taught my students what siege meant while studying the American Revolution...and it turned up in our reading a few days later!)
~Have a routine to teach words, so students become familiar with the predictable rhythm and can focus on the words and their meanings

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